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By June 7, 2015Video

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  • Ava says:

    Hi Heather ! Love you on the housewives ! I wanted to know at what age did you and Terry met ? You have both accomplished a lot as a couple and individually !

  • just wanted to stop in and say how delightful you are to watch on the Housewives among all those crazies it’s refreshing to see someone very down to earth and fun and someone who is totally enjoying life….I think it’s great and I love how you talk about all your “stuff”….my motto is that is you have it why not flaunt it and you do it in a very “hey this is who I am” way…..when you can laugh at yourself no one should feel intimidated by you…that’s my motto!

  • Suzanne Bird says:

    Hi Heather!! I just wanted to drop by and say HELLO to you and your family!!! I have LOVED you ever since the first episode of The Housewives. You are REAL!!!! Unlike most of the people on there today!! . Thank you for being yourself and letting us feel as though we are part of your family. You are SO gorgeous and look SO young. I’m saving my money to get some of your beauty products….I’m so excited about it! Again, keep being yourself and my family and I are praying for you and your family always!!

  • amanda says:

    Hi Heather! I know this is going to sound crazy, but I wanted to say thank you! Thank for being an inspiration to me. I am 33 and lost my mom last year to sickness and I lost my twin brother this past May. He was in the army stationed at Fort Drum. My father passed 25 years ago. So that leaves me from my family. However I am fortunate enough to have 2 beautiful daughters and a wonderful husband. I wanted to thank you because you motivate me to want to be a strong woman for my daughters and a good wife to my husband. I know we come from 2 completely different worlds, but I needed to find my motivation again and as silly as it sounds, watching you on RHOC and looking at the work you do as an individual all while keeping your family together, it just lights a fire under my ass! So thank you for lighting that fire again! You take care. Amanda

  • Patti Butz says:

    Hi Heather, I just have the upmost respect for you and Terry, you guys are such a great couple. I watched Evine this past weekend and love it that your products are high end and affordable to the masses. A question if I may; I am 58 years old and last year had a radical hysterectomy and since the surgery I’ve been seeing some major changes in my skin. I did order the meal replacement vanilla shake, but was wondering if it was too late for my skin to start using the eye cream and see results? Thank you. Patti

  • Heather,
    Like many others that have posted I too feel it’s good to see someone level headed and caring on the show. But.. the finale was not what I feel is up to your standards. You got caught up in the unkind gossip ( even if you say it is because you care about Vickie ). Vickie really needed someone to just care about her, without judgements or opinions. I thought you would be that person.
    You are a refreshing person ( although very spoiled , lol ) and intelligent with an unbiased perspective on life. Please take care of your friend, even though she’s not a child she is hurting and needs your love and understanding. Take care,
    Aubie Lee Hoffman

  • Gloria Jean says:

    Great podcast! Thank you for finally putting the cancer question to rest. I am truly disappointed that Brook continues to have media attention and air time from legitimate media programs. Even more disturbing is the fact that allegations of abuse have been alleged. Vicki is a financial planner a trusted advisor to families Fabrication of the truth is ethically against any professional,s practice. Shame on Vicki. You , Tamra and Shannon deserve praise and applause for taking a stand for truth and honesty in support of women. P.S Consult Beauty products are the best. My husband of over thirty years said to me the other day ” Honey you look really good, what did you do?” I said ” Dr. DuBrow! ” ?LOL I will be listening every week. Cannot wait to see all of you on season 11 RHOC ?

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